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Side Pull Bridle Converter

Add Reins

Comfortable to Wear: This bridle converter is comfortable, gentle, and effective for your horse. Made from durable and high-strength para-cord these side-pull bridle converters are quality.


Better Position: Fits comfortably on your horse giving you control and performance while riding bit-less. Simply attach your regular bridle to this noseband and adjust to ensure a correct fit, add your reins to the outer rings and enjoy your ride! 

This noseband is an ideal and helpful accessory for your horse. 


Product Features:

  • Quickly and easily turn your regular bridle into a bitless side pull bridle
  • Simply attach the noseband to your bridle in place of your bit,* clip on your reins, and ride.
  • Add matching soft polypropylene reins for only $20 (matching reins not available in neon turquoise)


Please Note: While we believe teaching a horse to ride without a bit is a valuable skill for all horses please ensure safety first while using this product and ensure your horse is ready and willing to work safely bit less. 

*While you can use any bridle with this product for the best fit we recommend using our sidepull bridle