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Statement Shine Shampoo

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Easily remove stains, dirt and discolouration from grey horses and/or white markings, manes and tails. Our shampoo is also great for brightening coats of other colours.

Packed into spray bottles makes getting the shampoo onto your horse's coat easy, simple and minimises wasted product. 

Use together with our mane and tail detangler to have your horse in the perfect show condition. 



  1. Saturate the coat with water and apply shampoo onto your horse's coat.
  2. Lather into coat and rinse thoroughly.



    DO NOT leave the shampoo in your horse's coat for any more than 5 minutes

    DO NOT apply to dry coat or hair

    DO NOT allow the shampoo to dry into coat or hair

    DO NOT consume any product

    DO keep out of reach of children

    DO use gloves when applying product

    Product may stain clothes

    *Use on horses only

    **Spray bottle colour and appearance may differ

    ***Results may vary depending on the degree of discolouration

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