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Removable Rosettes, Blue


Use with Confidence: These removable rosettes are smooth and comfortable to touch, neat and sturdy in stitching, with exquisite workmanship, will not break or fall apart easily, and can satisfy your long-term needs.


Practical Design: These rosettes easily attach/de-attach from your browband making show day simpler and hassle-free. They are a great option for horses that are more sensitive around the head. You can remove them between classes allowing your horse ultimate comfort as well as the perfect look in the show ring. 


Easy Use: Using our removable rosettes allows you to also change your horse's look and style without changing your whole browband by simply attaching a different set of rosettes. No need to even remove your bridle, these rosettes are so easy to change you can do so with your bridle on. 


Pair our removable rosettes with one of our ribbon browbands for the perfect show browband.

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