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Tack Cleaning

Our tack cleaning service ensures your tack and equipment remain clean and in top condition.

We clean/dry your equipment according to the items care requirements to ensure your tack remains well looked after. During our cleaning process we don't use any harsh chemicals which could cause damage to your tack and we don't use dryer machines for the drying process as heat on many tack products can cause damage and shorten the life of your rugs etc. 


English saddle pad $15
Western saddle pad $25
English saddle (unmounted) $35
Western/stock saddle (unmounted) Starting at $50
Girths  $10
Stirrup leathers $2.50 per leather $5 per set
Breastplate $5
Bridle $15
Summer/cotton rugs (standard neck) $20
Summer/cotton rugs (combo) $25
Turnout/rain sheet rugs (standard neck) $30
Turnout/rain sheet rugs (combo) $35
Winter rugs (standard neck) $40
Winter rugs (combo) $45
Waterproofing $15
For other items feel free to enquire


We understand you need your equipment and are eager to receive your items back. Our turnaround time is approximately 1 week. This is an estimated time and subject to vary due to your order size/products along with weather conditions as poor weather conditions makes the drying process harder and therefore slower.


Items which are mouldy or have an excessive build up of hair may be subject to an additional 10% fee.


We do our best to get your items as clean as possible however there may be stains etc. which despite our best efforts we may be unable to remove completely. If you are unsure how your tack that is badly stained will come up feel free to get in touch and we can let you know what sort of results to expect.


We can pick up and deliver your order* or alternatively we can arrange for you to drop off your items. We will contact you after appointment confirmation to confirm the drop off point.

*Pick up and drop off service is available on orders over $50. There will be a 0.80 cent per kilometre travel fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment is due upon arrival of products. We accept cash or card payments. 





Black Saddle Pad Before Cleaning    Black Saddle Pad After Cleaning
Pink Saddle Pad Before Cleaning    Pink Saddle Pad After Cleaning
Blue Saddle Pad Before Cleaning    Blue Saddle Pad After Cleaning
English Saddle Before Clean And Polish    English Saddle After Clean And Polish
Stock Saddle Before Clean And Polish    Stock Saddle After Cleaning And Polish
Summer Rug Before     Summer Rug After

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