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Our grooming service gives your horse some extra pampering and attention. Schedule grooming sessions one off, weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed.

Our grooming service includes:

  • Curry and body brushing

  • Mane and tail brushing

  • Coat conditioner

  • Fly spray


$35 per horse (standard 20 minute session)

$25 per horse for 2 or more horses per booking (standard session)

$70 per horse (long 60 minute session)

Optional tack up fee $5 per horse

Grooming sessions are 20 minutes per horse

Our standard 20 minute grooming session is the perfect option for your horse if they are requiring a brush before/after working or just as a part of their regular grooming routine.

If your horse requires a longer grooming session or if they are excessively muddy or have matted manes or tails longer sessions are available at additional cost. 



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