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Our clipping service offers full, partial and custom clips


​Full clip

  • Pony (under 14.2hh) $130

  • Horse (14.3hh - 16.2hh) $150

  • Draft (16.3hh+) $170

Partial and custom clip

  • Pony (under 14.2hh) $100
  • Horse (14.3hh - 16.2hh) $120
  • Draft (16.3hh+) $140

We also provide your horse with complementary coat conditioner after we finish your horses clip.


A bath is required before clip. We are happy to bathe your horse before clipping the fee for us to do the bath is $40. If you would like us to provide the bath for your horse we will need to be notified of this prior to your appointment to allow enough time to provide your horse with a complete bath and clip as your horse must be completely dry before the clipping process begins. If due to weather a bath is not possible your horse/s must have been thoroughly brushed and free from excessive dust and dirt.

If you prefer to bath, please ensure all dirt is removed from coat.



$30.00 Blade Replacement fee if horse is dirty 

$30.00 Difficult Clipper Fee per additional hour if horse is difficult to clip

(Our clipping services allocate up to 3 hours per horse, while it normally doesn't take 3 hours to complete your horses clip this allows your horse some additional time if they are difficult to clip before the difficult clipper fee is added).


During a full clip we remove all the hair off your horses body as well as their legs and face.

We offer a variety of partial clips including hunter clips, blanket clips, trace clips, Irish clips and bib clips. 

  • Hunter clip removes the hair on the body and face leaving a patch under the saddle and on the legs.
  • Blanket clip removes the hair from the bottom half of the face (optional) neck, belly and around the back of the rump. It leaves the hair on the legs and blanket like area or hair across the body.
  • Trace clip removes the hair from the bottom quarter of the neck and along and under the belly similar to the blanket clip leaving hair on most of the body, neck all the legs and the face.
  • Irish clip removes the hair from the underneath of the neck and belly. This leaves hair on the top side of the neck back legs and face.
  • Bib clip removes a thin strip of hair from the throat down the neck and under the belly

During a custom clip we can remove the hair from your horse in which ever way best suits your horse for example we can remove the hair from your horses body but leave the neck. legs and face on. We will confirm what areas you would like clipped when we arrive. 



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