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The Reward System

We value the work that is done for our brand by our ambassadors etc. and we believe you should be rewarded for the effort and work you put into what you do.


This means we offer a reward system that rewards you for your work and is reviewed and rewarded on a monthly basis. The rewards are rewarded on the last Friday of each month. There are a couple of different options for how you can be rewarded and the choice is yours. The reward choice you select can be changed up to 1 time per year.


The first option for being rewarded is on a commission basis. This means that in your “work” you will predominantly share your unique discount code with your followers encouraging them to choose our brand. Then when a sale is made using your unique code you will receive a 25% commission on the total sale price of the order.* This payment is made monthly and via PayPal.


The second option for being rewarded is on a discount/free item basis. This means that while you may share your unique code and you will receive additional points for each sale using your code your “work” is based on a point system. The points you receive for each task and reward will be listed below. Again this system will also be reviewed and rewarded on a monthly basis. At the end of the month you can choose to continue collecting points for a bigger reward next month or you may cash your points in for a reward once you have received the required points.


Points are valid for 6 months from date of issue. If you have additional points when cashing in these points will remain in your point balance.

For example you have collected 90 points and choose to cash in 80 for your reward, the additional 10 points will remain in your balance to accumulate more.



Points Earned

Additional posts

5 per post (for up to 3 additional posts per week)

Sale from unique discount code

20 per sale

Additional followers on our account

2 per follower

Tagging us in additional posts

3 points

You will earn 10 points per week for the required 2 weekly posts.


Points Required


80 points

50% off across our store

120 points

$20 gift card at your choice store**

160 points

75% off across our store

210 points

$50 gift card at your choice store**

250 points

1 free item from our store

350 points

$75 gift card at your choice store**


You are eligible to switch between reward systems up to 1 time per year if you wish to although you are not required to. If you wish to change systems that change will become effective as of the following month. It isn’t possible to switch between systems part way through a month however you can simply change over by letting us know at any time that you wish to change reward systems effective of the following month.



We have a couple of options for working with us. These include either posting about our brand through material posted to your own social media pages or through providing quality material to us to be posted on our social media pages.


No matter what option you select you are welcome to post any content as long as it is respectful, it provides your followers with useful or quality information about our brand and it must be your own original content. Providing followers with information may include but isn’t limited to your own personal reviews on our products or brand, sharing your discount codes or letting your followers know any useful information they may like to know such as any sales etc. as they happen. All posts regarding our brand must be respectful and must tag us so we know about your post and can add your points to your account.


All content posted regarding our brand and products is subject to review. If we believe content is in violation of our policies we will ask you to fix the issue. If the issue isn’t fixed we may cancel the working contract between our business and you and therefore you would lose your opportunity of working with us.


Working with us

We ask that a minimum of 2 posts per week are posted. If for some reason you are unable to complete this we ask you get in contact with us and let us know. We will review each case individually.


If at any point you wish to end working with us you can do so by simply letting us know. If you do end your opportunity with us we will pay you any final commissions or points for the current month and finalise any details.


*Total sale price doesn’t not include what was paid in shipping costs


**Gift card is gifted at $20 AUD if you live outside of Australia this will convert to your currency which may be more or less then 20 in the converted currency. Conversation are based on the currency rate at time of exchange.


Terms and Conditions 

All posts may be reviewed by us to ensure they are respectful and any information is correct.

Rewards are reviewed and rewarded on the final Friday of each month.

You will receive updates and progress reports about the use of your unique discount code.

You may request to be updated on your points/commission etc. throughout the month.



Throughout this document we have used the word “work” to describe social media posts.



By working with us you are acknowledging you have read and understood this context and you agree to always be working in a polite and respectful manner.

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