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Please select the service you require to procced to our booking page or find out more about each service and what's included. 


$45 per horse

$35 per horse for 2 or more horses per booking

Bathing sessions are 30-45 minutes per horse



Pony (under 14.2hh) $130

Horse (14.3hh - 16.2hh) $150

Draft (16.3hh+) $170

Clipping is allocated at 3 hours per horse.

Therefore there is a $30 per hour fee for difficult horses

A bath is required before clip. We are happy to bathe your horse before clipping the fee for us to do the bath is $40

If you prefer to bath, please ensure all dirt is removed from coat. Once they are dry they okay to be turned-out.



$35 per horse

$25 per horse for 2 or more horses per booking

Optional tack up fee $5 per horse

Grooming sessions are 20 minutes per horse


Young Horse Handling

$20 per 30 minute session per horse

$35 per 60 minute session per horse



To book our services we require a 20% deposit. This deposit amount will be subtracted from the amount payable on the day. If you require the appointment to be cancelled within 72 hours from the booking time this deposit is non refundable. For cancellations before 72 hours the deposit is refundable.

There will be a $1.60 per kilometre travel fee ((round trip price)(e.g. you are located 10km away it will cost $16 travel 20km x $0.80 = $16)) feel free to contact us to work out a travel cost estimate.


We can accept either cash or card payments.

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